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For several years I had great success as a sales consultant and trainer with one of the largest direct to consumer wineries in the country. I loved my job and clients, it was challenging, fun and fulfilling. I also found that growing, managing and keeping a large client base happy is challenging, and this challenge shared by many in the direct-to-consumer wine industry

I've developed my own lead development tools that helped to drive my wine company's sales and client base growth. I found several other systems that help me develop new sales leads while keeping in “personal contact” with each prospect several times a year and while still growing my client network through referrals.

Recently I consolidated my wine telesales toolbox into a training course that is self paced and affordable. Telesales are really an untapped area of growth for wine retailers. I would like to invite you to try out my course with a complimentary lesson that is guaranteed to help increase your wine sales.

I have a half dozen other ways to grow your wine business in ways that automate processes so it takes you less time and money and with better long term results than some of your current promotional activities. I would like to show these to you as well. Give me a shout!


Chris Campbell